Disney Kids Races - Wine and Dine 2014

It seems like forever since we have been back from our family vacation in early November. There has been so much snow here in Guelph that Bryan and I are wishing we were back south! My kids on the other hand are loving playing outside making snow angels and sledding down the hills at recess. Usually when we get home from our November trip we have a couple weeks before being thrown into full blown winter but not this year!!

This was the first year everyone in our family participated in Run Disney Wine and Dine weekend races during our trip. This would be the third year the kids have done the kids races, and last year Bryan did the 5K. This year Bryan did the Wine and Dine half, making it his first half marathon, I did the 5K and both kids did kids races.. It was a really busy day! BUT AWESOME to say the least!

The morning started with me going to the Jingle Jungle 5K which you can read about in my last blog post. From there we went back to our resort to get breakfast, which was sort of an epic fail, the counter service was crazy busy and we didn't realize how little time we would have (Seeing as I took my time in the 5K taking pictures, etc) so we ended up getting cereals, yogurts and granola to go and ate in the car. Totally fine but next year I think I will plan that out a little better.

Once we got to the Kids races the kids started to get excited. Graydon wanted me to go with him so I took him to the 200m dash  line and Bryan took Dexter to the 100m dash line. This year I was the first year I wasn't sure if I should still run with Graydon, instead of getting him from the finish line, I think next year I may let him run on his own.


I told Graydon to run ahead if he wanted to and I would catch up, after pacing myself slower in the 5K I was not ready for the DASH speed Graydon had, haha, so I just met him at the finish line.


The best part for me was seeing him give Duffy a high five at the ending of the race and keep running to the finish line, it was adorable!

Unfortunately because I was with Graydon I did not get to see much of Dexter in his race, Bryan did take a video... The funny thing was that Dexter was running so great until Bryan said "Run to Duffy" without thinking about how Dexter is slightly terrified of the characters,  as soon as he said it Dexter looked around, stopped and sat down! HAHA! Bryan had to pick him up to finish the race! I still think he did pretty good for a 2 year old :)

The kids both were very excited to get their medals... And Dexter was especially excited for the banana at the end of the race, HA!

We are already planning for next year! Graydon may do the Mickey Mile instead of a dash, I think he would like the longer race.

All in all it was a great morning!